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How can I get the best trade-in price for my car?

Get the best trade-in price with an online car valuation from a genuine car retailer

Selling your car online is nothing new, but now you can trade it in by dealing with one of Australia's leading genuine car retailers through their online automotive marketplace, SD Motors. This is a fast and convenient way to get a competitive valuation and quick turnaround, with money transferred on the day you sell your car. And there are a lot of advantages to selling your car this way, too.

Free and obligation-free online car valuations

More importantly, is it pressure-free? Some online automotive marketplaces will pressure you to sell your car the minute you've received a valuation. With decades in the industry, a genuine car dealership like SD Motors will know how important it is to you to take your time to be sure you're making the right decision. And, if you're not happy with the price, that's okay. No pressure.

Do I have to wait for my money?

You shouldn't have to. As a genuine car dealership backed by the global automotive group Sime Darby, SD Motors is authorised to agree on a selling price with you and organise the handover of your car with the funds paid in full to your account on the same day. So no, you do not have to wait for your money.

Can I get my car valued now and picked up in a couple weeks?

Getting the best price for your trade-in is great as long as you have flexibility about when you hand the car over. You may need to drive your car for a short period of time after you've agreed on a selling price and you need the dealer to extend that convenience to you. SD Motors offers online sellers the chance to arrange a convenient location and time for pick up that suits you and your needs

Do you owe finance on your car?

Selling your car can be complicated if you still owe finance on it. Having the buyer do all the work for you is another great advantage to selling online with a genuine car retailer like SD Motors. All you do is get a letter from your finance company with the balance owing and SD Motors pay the outstanding amount direct to your finance company with the remaining amount going directly to you

What if my car is a fleet or company car?

Bought, signed, and delivered to your front door. The sign of a thoroughly efficient dealership.

A lot of online buyers won't want the hassle of dealing with large or small companies as well as government departments. An experienced car dealership like SD Motors will be used to dealing with fleet or company cars and government departments.

Ready to get a competitive price for your car online?