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How to research, test drive and buy a car in 2022

Buying a car is exciting. It's full of anticipation. But don't get caught up in the thought of how much fun it will be to drive it just yet. By doing a bit of research and knowing what to check before you buy, you can enjoy the added pleasure of confidence in your decision. Let's start with a basic checklist.

What's your plan?

One of the biggest mistakes when buying a car can be made before you've even started looking at cars. And that's in the planning. Think about what you need the car for and how long it has to meet those needs.

What size car is right for you?

Obviously, you can't buy a 2-seater sports car when you have a family but, with advancements in car design, engine capacity and technology, family cars are no longer boring.

What's your budget?

Budget often goes out the window when desire takes over. Look at what you can afford and set yourself a starting point with some wriggle room if needed. Having a budget is also a good way to start negotiations with the dealer.

Know the level of safety and technology you require

Look at the level of technology you want carefully. Do you really need all the bells and whistles? Again, this goes back to what you are using the car for. While advanced technology comes with generous bragging rights, you might save by opting out of what you won't use.

Examine the paperwork. All of it.

So you've looked the car over and you love it. Great! Now check all the paperwork. And that's more than just the service books. At SD Motors our used cars go through a rigorous 300 point check in a dedicated workshop with fully qualified technicians. The car is then reconditioned and given an extended warranty. We give buyers access to the car's history, the report and reconditioning work before they buy.

Get a REVS check

For total peace of mind, consider checking the accident and finance history of the car at

What type of finance do you need?

Make sure you get the type of loan that best suits your circumstances. Our Finance page has a quick enquiry form for an obligation free personalised quote, or you can talk to one of our friendly expert finance consultants by calling 02 7803 4300.

Buy from a reputable dealer

SD Motors is a leading car retailer backed by the global automotive group Sime Darby. We've created a dedicated online used car marketplace where you can shop premium used cars and arrange competitive finance from the convenience of your home. For a small refundable cost you can place a priority option on the car of your choosing and if you go ahead SD Motors consultants will streamline the purchase process for you.

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