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Subscribe to drive with no long term commitment, just pay as you go with all on-road costs included – no upfront fees, membership charges, registration fees or any hidden costs. Our new vehicles are in stock and available for convenient collection. Everything you need to get on the road is included in one affordable weekly payment. Enquire now to chat to a consultant and find a subscription plan that’s right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Subscription Vehicle
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What are the main advantages of subscribing compared to buying?

Convenient and hassle-free motoring in a modern vehicle! Our customers choose to subscribe to a vehicle for a number of reasons, including -

  • Our competitive rates give you the opportunity to drive a late model vehicle maintained to the highest of standards without worrying about vehicle depreciation or being locked in to owning the same vehicle for the duration of a typical car loan or lease.
  • One weekly fee (payable every 4 weeks) covers the cost of the vehicle, insurance, registration, normal tyre usage, scheduled servicing and maintenance and road-side assistance. No joining fees, hidden fees or unexpected surprises.
  • No need to organise financing, insurance policies, registration renewal, road-side assistance or selling your car – we take care of everything you need to get on the road and drive!

Can I subscribe if I am on a visa?

We accept all valid driver’s licences for people over the age of 21. All we need is your valid driver’s licence (including an International Driving Permit if your licence is not in English) and credit card details for payments.

Can I subscribe if I am under 21?

Subscription is only available to drivers over the age of 21 at this time.

Are there any hidden weekly/monthly/annual costs?

We have no hidden fees or charges – your weekly subscription is all you need to pay and covers the cost of the vehicle, insurance, registration, normal tyre usage, scheduled servicing and maintenance and road-side assistance.

Does my credit rating affect how much I pay for my subscription?

Subscription prices are the same regardless of your credit situation – we believe everyone who can meet the subscription fees should have the chance to subscribe a vehicle.

Is there a minimum amount of time that I must sign up for?

Our minimum subscription term is 3 months. This allows us to provide you with great prices with no joining fees or ongoing account fees.

Can family members drive my car?

Your family members can drive your subscription vehicle if they are over the age of 21, have a valid driver’s licence and are listed on your subscription agreement.

How do I pay for toll roads that I use?

We would strongly advise that you add your subscription vehicle to you toll account, and use your own toll tag whilst subscribing. If you choose not to use your own toll tag, we charge a $35 processing fee for every toll we receive whilst your subscription is active.

Am I covered if I have an accident?

We understand accidents happen from time to time regardless of how carefully you drive. Your subscription includes insurance coverage for accidents, so you will only pay the first $1,650 ($2,750 for drivers 21-24 years old) for any accident for which you are liable.

What happens if my car needs to be serviced?

Scheduled servicing is included in your subscription fee – all you need to do is book in to the dealership you collected your vehicle from by calling the number provided with your subscription, and we will organise a convenient time for you.

What do I do if my car is having mechanical issues?

Our subscription vehicles are modern and maintained to the highest of standards, however occasionally problems may arise with any vehicle. If you are having any vehicle issues, simply contact the phone number provided with your subscription and we will help ensure that your vehicle is back on the road promptly with minimal disruption.

What happens if I want to finish my subscription early?

Circumstances change and we want to do everything we can to help you manage. If you have met the minimum 3 month subscription term, you will only pay the total subscription term rate for the period you used the vehicle. Please let us know as soon as you are aware of your change and we will assist you.

What happens if I want to extend my subscription?

If you love your car and are discovering the convenience of subscription, we will happily extend your subscription. You may also be entitled to a lower rate from the date you extend.

Terms & Conditions

* Indicative pricing is for a 6 month subscription at 350km per week. Please enquire for pricing for other subscription terms and kilometre packages. Click here for full Terms & Conditions.